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This process will reconstruct your hair to it's healthiest state possible with just one treatment, money back Guaranteed.


"If your hair Is not becoming to you, maybe you should becoming to me."

This Navy sailor is all natural, for work she wears her Natural coils, when she wants to change up she comes in for her Steam conditioning ,Steam Flat Iron Press, and the Dry Wrap.

(F I P.)

           "A different kind of  salon." A Salon with no waiting area or waiting chairs, because there is no waiting.

A No grease salon. The reflection in the pictures hers are the effects of Jojoba Oil and the Distilled water  used my the steam styling finish process.


Effective 11.30.2015


(1.) Maintenance Bundle $89.00

(Touch-up, trim, Steam Condition and steam Style)

(Limited two shampoos per service)

(2.) Rod Sets (from) $17.00 add’

(3.) Roller Set (from) $59.00

(4.) Dry or Silk Wraps (from) $19.00  add’l

Steam Hydration Hair Care



Massage oil – I got a massage recently and asked the masseuse to use jojoba oil. She said, “wow, a little of this goes a long way.” Plus I was able to enjoy my massage much more knowing that the massage oil was non-comedogenic.

Lip balm – I use jojoba oil as a lip balm all the time. I just put a few drops on my finger and apply to my lips. Lots of lip balms tend to contain comedogenic (clogs pores) ingredients, so jojoba oil is a nice alternative. This is especially nice at night because, excuse the grossness, but if you tend to slobber when you sleep whatever you put on your lips will come into contact with your face. Jojoba oil is great for this purpose. As a side note, if you need major help with dry lips, pure petroleum jelly is non-comedogenic and works as well.

Shave prep - Put a whole bunch of jojoba oil on your beard area beneath your shaving cream (lather from Cleanser or other non-comedogenic shaving cream) for a more comfortable shave. This helps prevent razor burn and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft.

Hair conditioner – You can mix a few drops of jojoba oil into your current conditioner or use it on its own. You can also add it to damp hair before drying. Also, you can add it to dry hair to promote shine. Jojoba oil also moisturizes the scalp, helping prevent dandruff.

Moisturizer – After dispensing any facial moisturizer onto your palm, try adding 5-6 drops of jojoba oil to make it into a super moisturizer. Flakiness will subside and the moisturizer will have an improved feel on your skin.

Make-up remover – Since jojoba oil is not an eye irritant, nor allergenic, you can use it to remove eye makeup. It also easily removes foundation, blush, and lipstick.

4oz. $14.98 ea.

On sale in our on line store or in the Salon.

Home grown; processed and bottled in America. “Jojoba Oil, Liquid Hair and Skin; The one thing all of our finished looks have in common is that eye catching radiant shine and softness produced by a few drops of our specially formulated Jojoba oil. The Jojoba plant produces a bean, the source of the only plant oil out of more than three hundred thousand plants capable of mirroring the natural proprieties produced by the human body that are key to the  body's natural chemistry responsible for the health and quantity of the body's Keratin Protein. Keratin Protein are the key proprieties of which hair and skin consist. The Jojoba Bean from where the oil is extracted was discovered by Native American Indians. Jojoba Oil was a central part of Native Americans early Culture and the key factor in the Squaw's long beautiful shiny hair. Native Americans used Jojoba Oil to protect their skin and hair from exposure to the extremes elements of Winters and Summers in those early days of our nations beginning. Jojoba Oil was the first cosmetic on the Continent of America. The millions of Native Americans who inhabited the Continent prior to Columbus voyage, discovered the first known plant oil on the Continent, thus the first plant oil used for cosmetic purposes in America. In addition to using it as a cosmetic Native Americans used it for medical and light mechanical purposes.

Jojoba oil - for use as a:


MON:      8 am to 5:30 pm (By appointment only)

TUE:         9am - 7 pm

WED:        9 am - 7 pm

THUR:      9 am - 7pm

FRI:           9 am - 7 pm

SAT:          8 am - 6: pm

SUN:        Church

Call: (757) 405-3800          Text: (757)567-3474



(1.) Maintenance Treatment $17.00

(2.) Dry, damage color-treated treatment $20.00

(3.) Severely damage w/ breaking $23.00

(4.) Leave-In $10.00

(5.) Clearing Gray (from) $11.00




Except for bundles and specials are priced separately.

(1.) F.I.P (Flat Iron Press) w/steam 

styling finish $72.00

(2.) Shampoo / Cleaner $17.00

(3.) Dry Wrap (from) $20.00

(4.)Trims (1/2 inch or less (from) $18.00**

(5.)Cuts (from) $22.00**

(6.)Design signature Cuts (from) $32.00**

(7.)Texturizer $84.00

(8.) Locs, Twist or Dreds
$39.00/hr or $0.65 per min

Starting and maintenance, preparation Loc services are separately priced.

(9.) Shampoo, leave-in conditioner, edge up

(hairline only) $39.00

(9a.) W/ Steam Conditioner $10.00 add’l

(10.) Comb Outs (from) $15.00

(11.) Rod Sets (from) $24.00

(Preparation processing additional when required.)**(See item H.)

Our Transition to Natural Special Bundle

A Shampoo, steam conditioner, trim and steam style

Separately $106.00

Bundle Only $82.00

H. Special Requirement Fees

(From $14.00 Each)

(1.) Applies to all categories of service

 A. Hair over 12” or very thick

B. Special Processing

 C. Corrective Cuts

 D. Special Designs

 E. Rod Sets – Strawllers


(2.) Permanent (from) $45.00

(3.) Semi- Permanent (from) $35.00


(Applies to all categories of service)

(1.) Pre-protin treatment $19.00

(2.) Severe Flakes Lifted (from) $17.00

(3.) Extra Shampoo $17.00 ea.

(4.) Hazardous Disorders (from) $9.00 add’l

(Skin or scalp disorders, etc.)

(5.) Preparation for service (after braids, locs, sew-in or

severely neglected hair.)

Our work, No Charge

All other: $1.35 per min.


Human Hair Extensions


(Chemically textured hair)

Our steam treatments are guaranteed to immediately fix your hair problem.

(1.) Leave- In (non-steam) (from) $9.00

(2.) Non- Steam $12.00

(2a.) Steam Maintenance (from) $18.00

(3.) Permanent color, dry, moderate damage $18.00

(4.) Shedding, Moderate Breakage (from) $22.00

5. Severe damage,                             (from)    24.00

(6.) Clear Gray (from) $12.00

(7.) Remove color, medication, or build
(from) $22.00

"Gold Hair Black Brows, Red Hair Black Brows"  Not Cool!!! Complete your  Color.

Wake up matched up


(1.) Trims (from) $18.00

(2.) Precision, Razor, or Texture (from) $36.00

(3.) Design Cuts (from) $22.00
(3a.) Special Designed Signature Cuts (from) $32.00

(4.) Eyebrow Arch, Beard or Trim (from) $12.00


(All services are Steamed Processed.

Consult w/Stylist for Natural Hair Color)
(1.) Permanent (single shade) (from) $46.00

(1a.) Add’l shade (from) $9.00 ea.

(2.) Long-lasting Demi-permanents (from) $42.00

(3.) Hi-Lights- Single Shade (from) $19.00  per-panel

(3a.) Double Applications (or Full head) from $46.00

(4.) Color Test $15.00 ea.

(5) Low Lights     ( From)  $46.00

(6.) Eyebrows * (Signed Release may be required)

$26.00 (w/hair) & $36.00 (w/out hair)

The New Generation of Relaxers

(1.) Touch-up, trim, steam conditioner and steam

style bundle $89.00

(Affirm Fiberguard) + $12.00
(Mizani Butter Blend) + $10.00

(2.) Texturizer (To relax your natural coils)

(from $79.00

(3.) Wave Nouveau Body Perm Touch Up $125.00

(4.) Affirm Body Perm Touch Up $160.00

(Over 90 days = Full Perm)

(Special requirement may be necessary; See H.)

                 " When you feel there is no hope, bring your hair to the ER (no waiting)

                and take it home healed ,with a smile."


4300 Portsmouth Blvd.
unit 154-Suite # 104

Chesapeake, VA 23321

Call: 757 405 3800  -Text: 757 567 3474


Shear Elegance Inc.



Prior to 2015 I trusted potential clients to give accurate information over the phone about the condition of their hair in relation to price quotes over the phone, my trust landed me with  slandering reviews of charging a different price than I quoted on the phone. the price was different because the condition that showed up did not match the description given over the phone.

In 2015 I/we began requiring an in Pearson evaluation-consultation or photos of two or more angles of the current condition of the hair for price quotes, with the understanding they are to be used to protect the integrity of Shear Elegance INC. Brand dba/ MR JERRY'S HAIR SALON. In addition to the requested  photos Shear Elegance INC. reserve the right to take additional in house/salon photos' or video's to  support protecting Shear Elegance INC. Brand in the public media and on the internet.

 Prices posted on this site are based on the understanding clients or potential clients  have maintained good hair care habits. One to three weeks of good consistent home or professional hair care. Conditions falling outside of these bounds will be billed accordingly.

Except for bundles and special services, SERVICES ARE PRICED SEPARATELY. Trim or cuts may be required when abuse, neglect or damage hair adversely affects the finish look. Please present any questions before we start your service. 

This Web Site may contain typos. We will follow our original intent. 

Match or contrast your brow color with your hair color.

"Just one Steam  treatment will make your hair healthy"

The Salon with no waiting area or chairs, because there is no waiting.

Founder, President and CEO;

Inventor of The Steam styling and the Dry wrapsystem for Natural Hair, and founder of the" TEN MINUTE DRY WRAP"


                       Months of neglect.

The ten minute DRY WRAP!!

Mr. Jerry's Jojoba Oil

Just one Steam Hydration treatment and steam styled.

                       " Bring me your hair problems."

More than 90% of the models in these slide  are all natural, their after looks are the result of my steam conditioning and steam styling system. The  Dry Warps here are products my 2010 invention.   Blow dryer and Ceramic flat irons only are used in creations. No ovens irons  electric irons or metal tools are used in he salon. No heat damage hair. Your hair is flooded with moisture creating a shine I have been told,  my reflection  can be seen in, that's maybe a bit of a  stretch but you get the point L O L.

"If your hair is not becoming to you, maybe you should consider coming to me."

Flexible appointments hours, compatible

            with your schedule.

               call or Text:  757 567 3474

*Availability appointments Tuesday through Friday 9am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 6pm get your hair fused with moisture to enable it to thrive in" the night" seasons of the  cold winter weather.

             Text or call 757 567 3474

Active Duty Military

Celebrating Our Service.


20% Monday and Tuesday

15%  Wednesday Thursday, Friday 

10% Saturday

( includes ALL regular prices services)

If you qualify for my military D/C you must let it know and show proof before  your service starts.





UNIT 154    -    SUITE 104


            A few months later,

the results of the steam system.

Uses for Jojoba Oil